If you are a member please visit your LifeSight Account for more information. For employer enquiries please contact us in the usual way.

About LifeSight

LifeSight is WTW’s defined contribution multi-employer pension trust for employers who would benefit from high-quality, lower risk, market-competitive pension provision without the governance burden.

The Benefits

The LifeSight master trust solution goes further than looking after the day-to-day management of the scheme. Our team of experts actively work to improve members’ retirement outcomes by deploying personalised communications as well as simple-to-use online and mobile support tools. The use of such tools improve engagement, understanding and outcomes for members without any extra cost to employers.

LifeSight News

Keep up to date with all the latest news from LifeSight and WTW. As leaders in the pension field, we have lots of knowledge to share. From new appointments, client wins and other key developments in the master trust market.

LifeSight Blog

The pensions landscape is ever-evolving. So, keep up-to-date with the hot topics and find out our take on the latest news. We'll let you know how companies and their employees are affected, whilst also providing you with insight on what this means for master trusts.