2018 UK Pension Strategy Survery

What are organisations planning for their benefit strategy in 2019 and beyond?

FTSE 350 defined contribution pension scheme survey 2017

FTSE 350 DC pension scheme survey 2017

This is the twelfth edition of our FTSE DC Pension Scheme Survey, and the third to extend coverage to the FTSE350. For this edition, we...

The Savings Psyche Report

The Savings Psyche Report

Even in relatively benign economic conditions, those in employment often struggle to make appropriate choices when it comes to long-term savings. However, continuing long-term fundamental...


Research: Retirement security

The Global Benefits Attitudes Survey interviewed 1,895 UK workers on their retirement plans and found that employees expecting to work longer are less healthy, more...


The Factor 55 Study

An interest in pensions isn’t often attributed to the young. But brand new research reveals that younger employees – particularly those under 35 – have...