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How LifeSight is responding to the Ukraine invasion

First and foremost our immediate thoughts are with those impacted directly by the conflict, and those around the world with loved ones who are impacted by the situation.

The situation is very fluid and the outlook from here is clearly highly uncertain. We are not geo-political experts and cannot comment on how this complex situation may evolve from here. However, we are investment experts and are monitoring the impact on LifeSight members’ savings, in particularly the exposure to assets related to Russia.

A summary of LifeSight’s position is as follows:

  • LifeSight’s direct and indirect exposure to Russian and related assets going into the crisis was small
  • We are following the sanctions put in place, which explicitly prevent new investments in sanctioned Russian entities
    • We are engaging with our investment managers to reduce and/or remove any residual exposure where possible within the current sanctions regime
    • We will continue to monitor our exposures and review our approach as circumstances evolve
    • We remain confident in the robustness and continued appropriateness of our investment strategies

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  • find out about LifeSight’s overarching investment beliefs and policies, in particular sustainable investing, in our Statement of Investment Principles

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