Introducing LifeSight PEP

Our goal is your goal: To provide employees their best possible retirement outcome


The LifeSight® Pooled Employer Plan provides a way for companies of all sizes to deliver competitive retirement benefits to U.S. employees with fewer plan management responsibilities and less risk than traditional 401(k) plans.

Today defined contribution (DC) plans are the primary retirement savings vehicle for most U.S. employees however, sponsoring a plan has become increasingly complex and time-consuming. Defined contribution plans are also the target of excessive-fee and other litigation – leaving plan sponsors and fiduciaries exposed to meaningful risk. 

The retirement landscape is quickly heading in a new direction, and you have an opportunity to harness the new reality for the advantage of your employees and your business.

Trusted solution

Our LifeSight PEP provides you with a trusted solution and a commitment to innovation that only our vast expertise and decades of experience can provide. It integrates WTW's scale and track record in retirement plan consulting, governance, administration, and investments with our recordkeeping partner’s 20+ years of experience providing pooled plan solutions.

First-class employee experience

LifeSight provides a first-class user experience that actively engages employees to make better decisions for their future​. With dedicated expertise in retirement plan governance, administration and technology, our solution enables you to fully delegate with peace of mind and actively engage your employees to make better decisions for their future. 


With LifeSight you retain the flexibility to make important plan design decisions that impact the overall cost of the plan and value being delivered to your employees.

Smarter investments

LifeSight’s investment structure works harder for savers and is powered by our independent viewpoints, expert ideas, extensive research and robust implementation.