If you are a participant, please visit your LifeSight Account for more information. For employer inquiries, please contact us in the usual way.

Welcome to LifeSight PEP


Our LifeSight® Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) provides a way for companies of all sizes to deliver competitive retirement benefits to U.S. employees with fewer plan management responsibilities and less risk than traditional 401(k) plans.

About LifeSight PEP

The LifeSight PEP is WTW’s fully outsourced 401(k) plan. It is a flexible solution which enables better retirement outcomes for employees, lowers plan costs through scale, reduces fiduciary risk and lessens employers’ administrative and governance burden.

About WTW

WTW supports employers in all aspects of DC plan management, including plan design, compliance and consulting services, investment advisory and delegated solutions and fully outsourced DC plans through the LifeSight PEP.