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Investors in Ireland are happy to invest sustainably unless it costs them in lower financial returns, higher fees or means a later retirement

Research by LifeSight Ireland of almost 2,000 members also found that the majority of people feel financially secure and want more information on sustainable investing.

10 June 2024 — Research by LifeSight Ireland has found that there is a good understanding of sustainable investing among pension savers in Ireland, and the majority prefer that their savings are sustainably invested. However, only a relatively small number are prepared to invest sustainably if it means lower financial returns, higher fees or a later retirement date.

The key findings of the member research showed:

  • 56% want their savings invested sustainably and 59% want more information on what companies are doing to tackle climate change.
  • Only 24% would choose a sustainable investment if it meant lower returns or higher fees.
  • Only 21% would be prepared to choose a sustainable investment if it meant retiring later.
  • However, 44% believe investing in companies focused on sustainability will achieve better investment returns over the long term.
  • Over half (52%) of investors aged between 60 and 69 want to invest sustainably, roughly comparable to all younger age groups, showing a strong sustainable focus among older investors.

“At WTW, we believe that members do not need to forego returns to invest sustainably and that ESG and sustainability are fundamental considerations when designing an investment solution. The alignment between the survey results and WTW’s investment philosophy reinforces our dedication to the principles that shape our investment approach.” Head of LifeSight Ireland Maria Quinlan said.

Over €3 billion of assets invested in LifeSight in Ireland, with €20 billion in LifeSight across the UK and Ireland provide an opportunity to engage with companies and influence the decisions they make that affect the rest of society and future generations. LifeSight, alongside its delegated investment manager Legal & General, have global scale and influence in managing assets that can achieve positive returns for members while also driving change for society and the environment.

The research of close to 2,000 members of LifeSight Ireland, also found that over half of respondents believe that they are currently secure in their financial position and that independent financial advisors and pension providers are the most trusted sources of financial wellness advice.
LifeSight Ireland recognizes its trusted role in providing their membership with a means of financial security in retirement and comfort in the years before retirement that their pension contributes to their overall sense of their financial well-being.

About the Research

The research, which was conducted toward the end of 2023 and analysed in Q1 2024, surveyed 1,818 members of LifeSight Ireland.